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Here I am trying to write my blog in English 
I only have school english so I ask for understanding if the grammatic is wrong and if the
spelling is a little bit crazy.

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Socks in 7 Brothers

Let's get started again !!

I'll show you what I've been knitting lately. I have not been on the lace side.

I start with the socks I'm knitting right now. One sock is finish and I am going to cast on for sock number 2.

The yarn is 7 brothers from Novita. https://www.novitaknits.com

I am loving this yarn !! wow 

The yarn consists of 75% wool and 25% polyamide. A very fine color effect grows when the yarn tones from brown to warm pink. Just my colors. Color: 878.

When sock number 2 is finished, I'll shoot outside in the daylight so the colors come true.

I´m test knitting

When #yarnoverberlin searched for a test knitter for the Mungo shawl at Instagram, I was
jumped on, directly. I think the shawl seems fun to knit so I contacted Marion Bulin, the
designer of the shawl and

I'll get started with it as soon as possible. Marion Bulin is called "mabuli" at Ravelry and her design can be found here. Sure, you think it looks really cozy ?!

Marion has several fun designs. Among the shawls below, she calls it The dropped stitch. 

A nice shawl and the lost stitch are so cool!




I have two balls wool yarn that I will use, Kauni 8/2, effekt yarn. The yarn I've had for a while in my yarn basket. I bought it a while ago because I liked the nice colors. It's a little thinner than Marion recommends in her description, but I'm going to use needles to make the Mungo shawl airy and cozy. The pink yarn has art. No. EGT and the gray EHA. I think it will be good.



Moose is the theme of my new wool shawl that I wanted to knit a long time, now it is ready. Around the shawl I have knitted an edge border with traces of moosehooves.



I have used Ullcentrums 2: stringy wool. Light gray bottom and brown color patterns. The shawl is knitted on circular needles 3.5 in different lengths.

Shawl measures 270x105 cm.

The description is available on:

English version http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shawl-with-moose

Inspired by the aran

Some time ago I became the happy owner of Gladys Thompsons book: Patterns for Guerneys, Jerseys & Aran. A very inspiring book that presents traditonal patterns of fichermans sweaters from the British Isles. The patterns presented in pattern sections so you can combine your patterns on your own. A challenge in itself, but so funny. Most of the descriptions are texted, but a few of them are also in charts.

The book and the descriptions are written in English with the typical English way of writing out lap for lap. If you have good knitting experience and knowledge of the English termologi for knitting, that's fine.

With the help of the book and the yarn from Drops, I now want to design a scarf in alpaca yarn. I have just decided how the border edge should look like. Very very funny Cool

The yarn is Drops Alpaca color number 2919

The book can be ordered here: http://store.doverpublications.com/0486227030.htm


Summer cardigans

Two summer cardigans ready for my grandchildren.

They are knitted in a natural white yarn with blend cotton / bamboo, Bambino from Viking. You can buy the yarn from Ullcentrum where they have it in 7 fine colors.



I have chosen to make a simple hole pattern that I think is simple and cute.

The pattern description is my own and this time the sleeves became a little too long, but you can allways fold a bit. Viskar

My pattern is now spread over the world

This summer I have not knitted so much. I have not had the pleasure of picking up the knitting as I usually do. Sadly, I've come across a pointless game on the computer, such as Candy Crash. But I may have had to calm my mind and do not think about patterns and descriptions for a while, for now my brain begins to work with colors again. Now I am excited about what the "headquarters" will find, because I never know.

But I have knitted a little this summer anyway. Right now, I'm doing the last cat row of ten on a new catshawl - Sudderudden. This shawl is ordered and will be delivered already next week, so now my needles need to be handled with racing speed.

I noticed that the visitor statistics on my blog started to rise quickly. I was surprised and searched for the reason and found a Facebook group called "We Like Knitting"

There, Admin shares, images and links to pattern descriptions. Please visit the page for there to get a lot of tips and ideas.

We like knitting had shared my link to cat blog on my blog 2 times (2 posts) Right now, today, it has been divided 400 times and has 1337 likes - it's REAL crazy!

The thought that there are knitters all over the world who are knittig on my Sudderudden is senseless crazy!